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Boulies XW Fairmont                           

When Bought..

Engine: 302 Windsor
Tranny C4 AUTO
Diff Borg Warner 3.5:1
Color Grecian Gold
Interior Black Fairmont

How Funny is this, when I first saw Boulie's 'Fairmont Monty I thought that I was seeing double, how close is this to mine!? Although hardly any rust and quite straight, thats what u usually get when u buy a country car. Boulie found this in Upper Kumbucter West, thats Mrs MacGillicutti territory, well up in the sticks anyway.

I have welded a plate in where the old LPG filler was. That's the patch u see just behind the petrol cap

Boulie has taken more pics as the car in now in the panel shop ready for paint. The panel beater has done a great job and for a unreal price.

The interior is ready, also a fantastic re-upholstering job.

The interior remains black, with the only exception that Boulie has opted for black perforated roof lining instead of white.

GS Dash going back in. Pushbutton AM radio.

I'm installing a "stealth" audio system comprising of an IPOD which plugs into a 3.5mm stereo socket in the console compartment. This will feed one or 2 amps depending on Peters requirements.

Color at the moment remains a mystery but i do know the GS striping is Reflective Orange, hmmmm that narrows it down to only a few colors!!

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